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Certified Translator / Certified Interpreter: Have passed the national certification
process. They have successfully completed the certification exam set by the Canadian
Translators, Terminologists and Interpreter Council (CTTIC) or submitted a large body
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Associate Translator / Associate Interpreter: Translators with limited experience or
training that will complete the certification process in the future.

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  • Malgorzata
  • Wojtunik-Ricketts
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  • Osi Trans

  • St. Albert


  • 780 993 0010

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  • My name is Malgorzata Wojtunik-Ricketts, and I am a native Polish speaker. I lived in Poland (and in France) until the age of 27. From a very young age I was extremely fascinated with language, geography, and the language acquisition process. Consequently, my life and studies have revolved around it. As a youth, the first language I studied was English. My languages quickly broadened to French, Russian and Italian by the time I was in college. I quickly realized that I wanted to become much better at speaking them all; and what’s the best way to master a language if not by teaching its intricacies to others? I first came to Canada in 1999 to collect thesis material for my Business Bachelor degree. I wrote about Jasper National Park, its history, and human impact on its habitat. After defending my thesis in Poland in 2002, I decided to pursue my 3rd degree in English. I returned to Alberta, wherein 2006 I completed the program in Translation Studies at the University of Alberta. My Master’s thesis consisted of translation and the translation process analysis of the short story for young readers titled “Outside the Dog Museum” by Jonathan Carroll. After earning my Master’s in Translation I began my career as a freelance translator primarily between English-Polish. My more personal interests are reflected in my most recent translations of the legendary Polish science fictionist, Stanislaw Lem ( So far I have translated a subset of interviews with him and co-translated the introduction to the interviews - all of which have been published. I have also translated and edited some academic abstracts, websites, and many legal documents. In addition to translating, I currently teach public service courses in a classroom setting.

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    English Polish Translator Associate
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