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Certified Translator / Certified Interpreter: Have passed the national certification
process. They have successfully completed the certification exam set by the Canadian
Translators, Terminologists and Interpreter Council (CTTIC) or submitted a large body
of their work to an evaluation committee.

Associate Translator / Associate Interpreter: Translators with limited experience or
training that will complete the certification process in the future.

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  • Sandra
  • Frydman de Helfant
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  • Sandra Frydman de Helfant

  • Toronto


  • 647-282-3336

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  • I have ample experience as a Spanish/French/English conference interpreter - both face-to-face and virtually, having provided 1000's of hours of simultaneous interpretation across Canada, the USA, Indonesia, Kenya and Barbados. I am accredited by the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada as an English (C) to Spanish (A) conference interpreter ( simultaneous interpretation mode). I am Certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta as a Conference Interpreter, English-Spanish.

    My successful collaboration with several interpretation agencies and private clients over the years has led to participation in a range of proceedings related to different levels of government, United Nations bodies and trade unions. I have provided interpretation for a vast range of issues such as: immigration and refugee protection, women’s issues, domestic violence, education, francophone affairs, banking, business, accounting, industry, science and technology, socio-cultural subjects, medicine, public health and mental health-related matters.

    I have interpreted during congresses and conferences as well as in the framework of television broadcasting settings. I have also had multiple opportunities to conduct simultaneous interpretation during online webinars, teleconferences and videoconferences. I have ample experience in RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) using different platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, KUDO, Interprefy and Intrados.

    I prepare extensively in advance for each assignment and create a specific and lengthy glossary for each event. I believe in working as a team, by helping and getting help from my colleagues, sharing our research results and glossaries in advance of the conference, and while interpretation is taking place in the booth - or virtually - as well.

    I am very intent on making sure the client gets the type of service required. reasons. Due to my commitment to provide excellent service, clients have many times requested that I return to provide interpretation. This has allowed me to improve consistently the level of interpretation services I provide.

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    English Spanish Conference Interpreter Certified
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