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Certified Translator / Certified Interpreter: Have passed the national certification
process. They have successfully completed the certification exam set by the Canadian
Translators, Terminologists and Interpreter Council (CTTIC) or submitted a large body
of their work to an evaluation committee.

Associate Translator / Associate Interpreter: Translators with limited experience or
training that will challenge the CTTIC certification exam in the future.

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  • Alexey
  • Cheremovsky
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  • Calgary


  • 403 265 7145

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  • Certified Translator EN-RU, RU-EN
    Associate Community Interpreter RU-EN-RU
    30 years of English-Russian-English interpreting and translating experience, both full time and freelance, in various settings and environments from office and large international events to offshore and remote locations all over the world. Extensive experience interpreting at business meetings, negotiations, presentations, technical papers, exhibitions and conferences, workshops, worksite visits, and many others.
    A combination of translating-interpreting and other business activities such as business development, sales, marketing, field operations support, project coordination with Canadian, US, European, and Russian companies enabled me to gain first-hand knowledge in my primary areas of interpreting/translating expertise. Worked as a freelance translator on major projects operated by Shell/Salym Petroleum Development, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Buried Hill Energy.

  • Source Language Target Language Membership Category Membership Tier
    English Russian Translator Certified
    Russian English Translator Certified
    Russian English Community Interpreter Associate
    English Russian Community Interpreter Associate
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