Court Interpreters

Associate Court Interpreter

Pass the [simple_tooltip content='Code of Ethics Examination: review a case study and identify breaches of ATIA’s Code of Ethics. This is a pass or fail exam. Minimum passing grade is 70%. Results are valid for one year.']Code of Ethics Examination. [/simple_tooltip]
Meet the hour requirements under one of the following options: Note: Table of requirements is under review.
Complete and submit this hour-log to
Complete and submit this ...Admissions application form is under review

Certified Court Interpreter

There are two options for becoming a Certified Court Interpreter of ATIA, and each option has its own requirements:

Option 1: Certification Examination

Pre-requisite: Be an Associate Court Interpreter of ATIA in good standing. Provide proof of hours (dependent on language) of interpreting in a legal setting • Obtain a minimum passing grade of 70% in both parts of the court interpreting exam • Sign ATIA's Code of Ethics Agreement and pay membership dues.

Option 2: Recognition