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Use this directory tool to search for the professional in the language combination you require or by last name.  If searching by language combination, you can narrow your search further by choosing the membership category and tier you prefer to view. 

Certified Translator / Certified Interpreter: Have passed the national certification
process. They have successfully completed the certification exam set by the Canadian
Translators, Terminologists and Interpreter Council (CTTIC) or submitted a large body
of their work to an evaluation committee.

Associate Translator / Associate Interpreter: Translators with limited experience or
training that will complete the certification process in the future.

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Lastname Firstname City Email Phone View
Yoshida Elaine Vancouver 778-321-3817
Bondarenko Andrey North Vancouver 778 998 6862
Watson Kathryn Vernon 778 475 7788
Kahlon Kawal REGINA 647-835-5400
Isaev Igor --- 647-705-1443
Wan Xiaolei (Arthur) Markham 647-570-0961
Frydman de Helfant Sandra Toronto 647-282-3336
Tonella Siyi Calgary 647-205-1158
Antonelli Paule Ottawa
Radujko Victor Ottawa
Nixon Teresita Vancouver 6048682354
Mo Joy (Jiayi) Coquitlam 6047872896
Szilagyi Zita Coquitlam 604-783-1502
Barany Roger Vancouver 604-727-6359
Roach Andrea Port Moody
Colling Corey Coquitlam 604-363-9335
Zuniga Malvino Ana Maria North Vancouver 604-351-3615
Tahberer Bekircan Vancouver 604 732 0283
Szikinger Peter Delta 604 572 9984
Ungarini Alice Port Moody 604 563 1373
Muslih Riadh Coquitlam 604 339 0705
Liu Jessica Xiaoyun Edmonton 5879843013
Xue Rui Calgary 5879663699
Alparslan Ozlem Calgary
Lutsyk Khrystyna Calgary 5878932452
Drar Yohannes Calgary 5877009471. 5877009471. 587-700-9471
Grabczan-Grabowski Michael Calgary 587-966-6453
Taleb Bayan Calgary 587-936-0256
Martinez Hellen Calgary 587-863-0505
Ess Kathleen Kimberley