Executive Council

The ATIA Executive Council is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and includes five available voting positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP Northern Alberta, and VP Southern Alberta. The work of the Executive Council is supported by the hired positions of Administrative Assistant/Examination Coordinator and Development Coordinator.

President – Perla Ben-Zvi president@atia.ab.ca
VP Northern Alberta – Wioletta Polanski vp-edmonton@atia.ab.ca
VP Southern Alberta – Raj Sandal vp-calgary@atia.ab.ca
Secretary –  Sandra Gaviria-Buck secretary@atia.ab.ca
Treasurer – Sandra Bertoni treasurer@atia.ab.ca

Admin. Assistant & Exams Coordinator – Allison Downer admin@atia.ab.ca
Development Coordinator – Amelia Hall development@atia.ab.ca


Juergen Jahn Calgary
Heidi Seeholzer Edmonton