Medical Interpreters

Associate Medical Interpreter

Pass the [simple_tooltip content='Code of Ethics Examination: review a case study and identify breaches of ATIA’s Code of Ethics. This is a pass or fail exam. Minimum passing grade is 70%. Results are valid for one year.']Code of Ethics Examination. [/simple_tooltip]
Meet the hour requirements under one of the following options: Note: Table of requirements is under review.
Complete and submit this hour-log form to
Complete and submit this ...Admissions application form is under review.
Contact to make arrangements to pay the Application Review fee and membership dues.

Certified Medical Interpreter

There are two options for becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter of ATIA:

Option 1: Certification Examination

Pre-requisite: Be an Associate Medical Interpreter of ATIA in good standing. Provide proof of hours (dependent on language) of interpreting in a medical setting • Obtain a minimum passing grade of 70% in both parts of the medical interpreting exam • Sign ATIA's Code of Ethics Agreement and pay membership dues.

Option 2: Recognition

• Submit a letter of good standing as a Certified Court Interpreter from any other provincial association. • Sign ATIA’s Code of Ethics Agreement and pay membership dues.