Community Interpreters

Associate Community Interpreter

Pass the Code of Ethics Examination.
Meet the hour requirements under one of the following options:
Institution/Option Supporting document Required hours
1. University Degree in Interpreting University Degree (in English or translated by a certified translator) 10
2. Immigration Refugee Board Exam (IRB) IRB letter 10
3. Calgary Immigrant Women Association’s Interpretation and Translation Program (CIWA) Certificate of completion, CILISAT certificate and CISOC certificate 10
4. Calgary Board of Education’s (CBE) CILISAT (Cultural Interpretation Services for our Communities) Exam + CBE training course CBE certificate and proof of passing CBE’s training course 20
5. Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC) course CISOC Certificate 30
6. MSIC Interpreter Accreditation Program MSCI Training Completion Certificate and CILISAT or ILSAT Certificate 30
9. No credentials N/A 200
Other recognized bodies will be considered. (Consult with the administrative assistant)
Complete and submit this hour-log form to
Complete and submit this admissions form to
Contact to make arrangements to pay the Application Review fee and membership dues.

Certified Community Interpreter

There are two options for becoming a Certified Court Interpreter of ATIA, and each option has its own requirements.

Option 1: Certification Examination

Pre-requisite: Be an Associate Community Interpreter of ATIA in good standing. Provide proof of hours. • Sign ATIA’s Code of Ethics Agreement • Pay the examination fees and membership dues

Option 2: Recognition