ATIA Translation Day Symposium 2020 Poster

Free Events for Translation Day 2020

Translation Day is celebrated internationally. This year, many of the events to mark the occasion are being held online - including those offered by the ATIA. Below is a week's worth of free online events for Translation Day 2020, enjoy! The ATIA's Translation Day 2020 Symposium Saturday, October 3rd   Go to for more … Continue reading Free Events for Translation Day 2020

International Translation Day

The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta is looking forward to recognizing and celebrating the essential role that our members play as professional translators and interpreters¬†in the community on International Translation Day 2020 next month. In the meantime, have you ever wondered why we celebrate Translation day, where it comes from, or why it's … Continue reading International Translation Day

Celebrating Translation Day: What Translation Means

Did you know that September 30, 2018 is International Translation Day? Translation Day started in 1953 and was set on the Catholic feast day of St. Jerome - the original biblical translator! In 1991, the day was made officially global by FIT (the International Federation of Translators) and it wasn't until May 24, 2017 that … Continue reading Celebrating Translation Day: What Translation Means